TF Series Tubular Backwash Filters

Durco Filters TF Series Tubular Backwash Filters are designed specifically to have a compact footprint to minimize required floorspace, be easily expandable, and provide ultra-reliable continuous process filtration. With a variety of backwash self cleaning options, they can handle high flow rates exceeding 5,000 gpm, retaining constant flow even while cleaning. The main benefits of tubular backwash filters are: 

They are available in three different models:



The Durco Filters TF-1 Tubular Filter System is used when forward flow does not need to be maintained during cleaning. The single tube is brought off line during cleaning.

This tubular filter is available in size ranges from 85 to 594 to handle flow rates from less than 1 gpm to more than 300 gpm. A range of filter media elements are available to handle levels of separation from 3/16" to 1 micron.



The Durco Filters TF-2 Tubular Backwash Filter System extends the application of the TE1 Tubular Filter to permit continuous filtration. The 2 tube filter units are interconnected with valves. In most applications one filter operates on stream while the other filter is on standby or off-stream to allow backwash cleaning or inspection.



The Durco Filters TF-X Tubular Backwash Filter System allows for flow capacities up to 5,000 gpm by manifolding multiple tubular filters in parallel configuration.

This sophisticated tubular filter system provides continuous, uninterrupted flow with intermittent cleaning of the filter elements by automatic backwashing. Several manifold arrangements can permit backwashing with the process stream (internal) or another stream (external).

Note: (X) in model number = number of filters in the system

Tubular Backwash Pre RO Tubular-Backwash-Precoat Tubular-Backwash-Externai-Inshop
TF Tubular Backwash Filter on Pre-RO Application
with Internal Backwash
External Backwash TF
with Precoat Option
7 Tube Automatic TF
with Internal Backwash
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