Pressure Leaf Filters

Pressure Leaf Horizontal Sluicing OpenDurco Filters Pressure Leaf Filters are designed for high flow rates and batch operations in applications with <2% solids loadings.Pressure Leaf Filters are pressure vessels containing permanent filter leaves. These leaves can be the final filtration media but typically use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) as a pre-coat and/or body feed to improve filtration rate and product clarity. High flow rates are easily accommodated as flux rates (flow per unit area) may be as high as 2 gpm/sq ft filter area.


Pressure Leaf Models

Pressure Leaf Filters Horizontal closed

Horizontal Vessels

  • Most typical configuration.
  • Used when maximum surface area for filtration is required

Vertical Vessels

  • Used when floor space is limited
  • When flow is intermittent, horizontal leaves can be used

Pressure Leaf Filters Verticle Vessel

Nutsche Manual

Nutsche Filters

  • Used when the cake is the product and needs to be recovered
  • Allows multiple steps including cake washing in one vessel
Pressure Leaf Filters
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