Amine Filtration

Amine Tech Brief


Oil and natural gas often contain high levels of sulphur that needs to be removed in order to lower the environmental impact and increase value. The removal of sulphur is commonly called sweeteining, and Amine systems are commonly employed in this process.


Amine systems become contaminated with organic and inorganic solids that cause severe foaming in the contractor and stripper, resulting in poor system performance. Filtration systems are challenged to provide safe operation (eliminate personnel H2S exposure) and efficient solids removal (0.5-20 micron filtration).


Durco Filters Tubular Backwashing and Pressure Leaf Systems

For the removal of organic and inorganic solids from MEA, DEA, TGA, and proprietary rich and lean amine/glycol solutions.

Durco Filters Tubular backwashing filter systems and pressure leaf filter systems are self-cleaning and provide safe, low cost filtration that eliminates the cost and hazards of replaceable bags and cartridges.

Amine Flow Diagram

A typical Amine Treater is comprised primarily of a Liquid Contactor / Gas Absorber unit and a Regenerator unit, as presented in this amine flow schematic.

In a typical Amine Filter Application, a Durco Filters Tubular Backwash Filter system or Pressure Leaf Filter system can often provide a full ROI in about 1 year of service. Call +1.716.693.9381 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

Durco Filters Tubular Backwash Systems

Continuous Duty, High Flow Rates

The Tubular Backwashing Amine Filtration Systems offer continuous and self-cleaning operation through sequential backwashing of individual filter elements.  They eliminate the hazards and costs associated with bag and cartridge filter replacement. In addition, isolating the amine from the backwash water through the use of control and nitrogen purge limits the COD load to waste treatment.

Tube Filter Amine System

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous Duty
  • High Flow Rates
  • Self-Cleaning Operation
  • Sequential Cleaning of Individual Elements
  • No Bags to Replace
  • High Temperature/Pressure Housings
  • Total Range of Control Options
  • Removable Permanent Media
  • Fire Safe Features
  • ASME, HIC, and NACE Construction
  • Skid Mounted for Low Cost Field Installation
  • Particle Retention down to Sub-Micron Levels with Pre-Coat
  • Non-Precoated retention to 20 micron
  • Modular Configuration for Future Expandability

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Durco Filters Pressure Leaf Filters

Constant Flowrate, Batch Operation

The Pressure Leaf Amine Filtration System offers constant high flowrates (upwards of 3,000gpm [700m3/hr]) in a batch operation with long cycle times.  With the right precoat, these filters will polish the amine stream to the sub-micron level, assuring peak performance throughout the rest of the process stream.  As with our Tubular Filters, they eliminate the hazards and costs associated with bag and cartridge filter replacement.

Features and Benefits

  • Constant Flowrates in a Batch Operation
  • High Flowrates & Long Cycle Times
  • Easily Handles Upset Loading
  • Sub-Micron Removal
  • No Operator Contact with Waste
  • DuraSluice™ Wash System
    • Ultra-Efficient Media Cleaning
    • Discharge Solids without Opening Filter Vessel
  • ASME, NACE, and API Standards
  • High Temperature / Pressure Designs
  • Total Range of Control Options
  • Available as Complete Systems (like the one shown) or Filter Only
Pressure Leaf System for Amine Filtration

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Technical Data

Volumetric Flow Rates: from 5 gpm to 3,000 gpm (1m3/hr - 700m3/hr)

Skidded Modular Systems: If required, we can complete skids that incorporate pre-coat, admix, piping, pump and automation to shorten your commissioning and startup timeline, as well as reduce overall cost as compared to stick built.

Closed Systems: Limit personnel exposure to H2S and amines.

Side Stream or Fullt Stream Filtration


Durco Filters division of Ascension Industries incorporates over 130 years of filtration experience in every amine filtration system we build. Founded in 1933, Ascension Industries manufactures a broad line of self-cleaning Tubular Backwashing Filters, Pressure Leaf Filters, Pressure Nutsches, Filter Presses, and Sludge Dryers.

Our worldwide customer list includes companies such as Koch Refining, Texaco/Star, Aramco, Bechtel, Black & Veatch/Pritchard and Parsons Engineering.

Consult Durco Filters About Your Application Needs

Consult a Durco Filters Amine Systems Engineer to arrange testing and analysis of your process stream and determine the optimum filtration technology for your particular operation.  You can call +1.716.693.9381, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out one of our Filtration Fast Track Form and one of our Application Engineers will get back to you right away.


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