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Durco Filters filtration systems are used worldwide in the most demanding applications. Our strength is in combining our innovative technology with over 130 years of industry experience to provide economical and effective filtration systems.

When you choose a Durco Filters system for your mining process application, you are in good company.

Some of our Mining Customers

Agnico Eagle
Minara Resources
Rosario de Belen
Anglo American
Southern Peru Copper
Sumitomo Metals
BHP Billiton
Grupo MDH
Vale Inco
Grupo México
Phelps Dodge
Rio Tinto

Precious Metal Processes

Durco Filters systems are perfect solutions for clarifying your leach solution, recovering your precious metal precipitate, and clarifying your non-pregnant leach solution for return to the leach bed.

Carbon in Column/Leach/Pulp Systems

  • Processing gold and silver requires clear filtrate
  • Durco Filters pressure leaf filters, tubular backwashing filters, and filter presses are necessary to produce precious metals
  • Use pressure leaf filters for clarification
  • Use filter presses for recovery of precipitated precious metals
  • Use tubular backwashing filters to clean barren solution and prevent leach nozzle plugging
 Carbon In Column

 Merrill-Crowe Process


Merril Crowe  

 SX/EW Process

 Roast-Leach-Electrowin (RLE) Process

SX-EW-Copper roasting

Specialty Mining Applications

Molten Sulfur


Specially designed Durco Filters pressure leaf filters greatly reduce the maintenance costs in molten sulfur processing. Burner cleaning is reduced from a burdensome and costly task every 2 hours to a once every 3 months maintenance event. Shut-downs are minimized and SO2 gas filters are eliminated.

Fluorocarbon Lined Tubular Filters for Strong Acid Filtration

Long-lasting Endurance for Heavy Industrial Use

The Durco Filters PTF Tubular Filter Series contains fluorocarbon-lined tubular backwashing filters for severe service application requiring high flow rates and supreme resistance to corrosion.  These fluorocarbon-lined tubes also contain reusable, backwashable and non-metallic filter elements to provide a cost-effective system for filtering corrosive liquids. They also eliminate the cost and handling of disposable media, thus avoiding operator contact with hazardous materials.

Nothing Like it In the Industry

Durco Filters is the only tubular filter manufacturer that produces a teflon lined tubular filter.

   Durco Filters PTF with Cutaway and Element View
Pressure Leaf Filters
Sludge Dryers
Tubular Backwash Filters
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