Filter Press Applications

Durco Filters Filter Presses have found wide use in a range of industrial dewatering applications such as:

Chemicals Industry Dewatering

Pigments, Organic Polymers, Silica Gel, Organic Dyes, Carbon Fines, Brine Sludge, Ethanol Slops, Phosphoric Acid, Explosives, Wastes, Paint Sludge, Latex, Pesticide Wastes

Electronics Industry Dewatering

Metal Hydroxide Sludge, R.O. Sludge

Food Industry Dewatering

Brewery Mash, Sugar Carbonation Sludge, Wine Lees, Yeast, Apple Juice Polishing, Meat Packaging Wastes, Scrap Candy, Palm Oil, Corn Syrup Clarification, Soybean Oil Clarification

Hazardous Waste Remediation

Soil Washing, Landfill Leachate, Heavy Metals Precipitation

Metals, Metalworking, Transportation Industries Dewatering

Steel Rolling Mill Waste, Foundry Sludge, Plating Wastes, Paint Spray Booth Waste, Oily Waste

Mining Industry Dewatering

Titanium Dioxide, Clay, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Gold , Mineral Tailings, Coal Tailings, Acid Mine Drainage, Ready Mix Washout, SXEW Crud Filters, and Electro-Winning Sludge Filters

Municipal Waste Dewatering

Primary, Secondary Raw and Digested Sludge, Teritary Lime Sludge

Pulp & Paper Filtration

Recausticizing Wastes, Biological Waste Treatment Sludge, Secondary Fiber, De-inking Waste Recovery

Oil & Petrochemical Recovery

Drilling & Completion Fluids, Slop Oil Recovery

Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries, Cosmetics Filtration

Biological Treatment Sludge, Pigments, Dyes, Carbon Fines, Brine Polishing

Power Industry Dewatering

Cooling Tower Sludge, Scrubber Sludge, Fly Ash, Coal Pile Runoff

Water Supply Dewatering

Alum, Ferric, Polymer and Softening Sludge

Dry Wash Suspension Filtration

Biodiesel / Biofuels / WVO... Dry Washing Process Filtration
Pressure Leaf Filters
Sludge Dryers
Tubular Backwash Filters
Pressure Nutsche
Filter Presses