Pressure Leaf Filters Leaf Configurations

Pressure Leaf Leaves Leaf CloseupDurco Filters OEM Filter Leaves are the only OEM filter media for Durco Filters, AquaCare, FSD, or Enzinger Filters. These filter media are available to suit any pressure leaf filtering application, and are specifically designed to assure:

  • Fast filtration rate based on sufficient drainage area
  • Years of dependable service due to rugged construction
  • Materials compatibility with the process liquid and/or solids at the operating temperature

Durco Filters Leaves use the proprietary Durco Filters frame and nozzle design. They are recommended for optimum performance of your Durco Filters pressure leaf filter system, assuring you of peak filtration performance and the most cost-effective filtering operation.

Two Basic Leaf Configurations

Vertical Leaves

Vertical leaves are used exclusively in horizontal vessels and most often in vertical vessels. This leaf arrangement allows for quick release of the filter cake and discharge by gravity. Constant flow throughout the cycle is required to maintain cake formation.

Horizontal Leaves

Horizontal leaves are used to permit interrupted flow. During periods of low or zero flow, the cake is held on by gravity. A sluicing discharge is used to wash the cake off the leaves. A tailings leaf is available with this configuration.

Leaf Constructions

Many styles of leaves with different materials of construction are available to match specific applications. Round leaves for vertical vessels and rectangular leaves for vertical vessels are made of a frame containing drainage material welded to a nozzle. Metal screen can be included inside the screen or fabric media can be placed over the entire leaf.

Frame Styles

Frames can be Keyhole, Van Huffle, or a solid bar.

Pressure Leaf Leaves Keyhole Pressure Leaf Leaves vanHuffle Pressure Leaf Leaves solid
Keyhole Frame Cross Section Van Huffle Frame Cross Section Solid Bar Frame

Metal Screen Constructions

Many different screens and drainage media can be combined to meet the retention and drainage requirements of any application. Four common screened constructions are DurcotexTM, Tubular Slit, Mesh, and 5-Ply Mesh.

Pressure Leaf Leaves Durcotex


  • 5 Ply Construction
  • Drainage Members - 3 layers DurcotexTM
  • Filtration Media - 2 layers screen
 Pressure Leaf Leaves Tubular Slit

Tubular Slit

  • 3 Ply Construction
  • Drainage Members - 1 layer Tubular Slit Mesh
  • Filtration Media - 2 layers screen
Pressure Leaf Leaves Mesh


  • 3 Ply Construction
  • Drainage Members - 1 layer mesh
  • Filtration Media - 2 layers screen
Pressure Leaf Leaves 5Ply

5-Ply Mesh

  • 5 Ply Construction
  • Drainage Members - 1 layer fine mesh between 2 layers course mesh
  • Filtration Media - 2 layers screen


Fabric Covered Leaves

Pressure Leaf Leaves Fabric

Fine filtration is achieved with cloth bag filter media covering a metal leaf. With a diatomaceous earth (DE) precoat, submicron filtration can be achieved.




Polypropylene With Caulked Cloths


This all polypropylene leaf is perfect for corrosive application.


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