EP Filter Press

An economical choice for small to medium-size filter presses, The Durco Filters EP Filter Press is an industry standard. The EP is available in manual and automatic versions with many standard features and options. The EP Filter Press is a compact unit, ideal for limited space or portable dewatering applications. This easily expandable filter press offers flexible dewatering capacity, and is available in 2 feed pressure designs (100 and 225 psi). An optional semi-automatic filter plate shifter allows improved safety and operation.

EP Filter Presses are available in two basic models


EP Filter Press Manual


EP Filter Press With Manual Hydraulic Closure

  • Manual closure filter press requires no utilities
  • Fully assembled at factory
  • Full range of piping option available
  • Structural steel frame
  • O-ring liner pipe
  • Complete selection of plate and cloth options
Durco Filters EP Filter Press

EP Filter Press With Pneumatic Hydraulic Closure

  • Pneumatically operated filter press requires only compressed air utility supply
  • Structural steel frame
  • Stainless Steel Side Bar Caps improve wear resistance for shifting filter plates
  • Non-Metallic Piping for excellent corrosion resistance at an affordable price
  • Exclusive O-Ring Liner Pipe for low maintenance and leak-free operation
  • Self-Compensating hydraulic open/closure system
  • Covered Filter Press Control Enclosure for easy maintenance
  • Ideal for explosion-proof processing
  • Large selection of options available including piping, shifters, and skids

 EP ComponentsEP Filter Press Components


EP Mobile Press EP Aluminum Plates EP Electric

Mobile EP Filter Press with manual closure, skid mount, pre-coat tank, and cake hopper

EP Filter Press with aluminum plates and air over oil hydraulic closure

All electric hydraulic EP Filter Press with semi-automatic plate shifter and bomb-bay style drip trays

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