Filter Press Operation

A filter press is a liquid-solid separation device used to reduce the volume and weight of a slurry waste or process stream by separating liquid filtrate and solid filter cake. This process is often referred to as dewatering.  Depending on the particular application, the filter press may be used to recover either the solid particulate, the liquid stream, or both. The operation of a filter press is a batch process.

Filter Press Operation Step 1 Step 1: Press plates are pressed together by a hydraulic ram to form chambers. Slurry is pumped into each chamber.

Filter Press Filter Cake
Filter cake after discharge 

Filter Press Operation Step 2 Step 2: The hydraulic ram pressure is maintained throughout the filtration cycle. Filtrate is forced through filter media and from the chamber.
Filter Press Operation Step 3 Step 3: Cake forms as solids are trapped in the chamber. When the cycle is complete, the pressure on the plates is released when the hydraulic ram is retracted. The plates separate and the cake is allowed to drop.


 The animation below shows all the steps in sequence: 


Durco Filters Filter Press Animation

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