Tubular Backwash Filters

Durco Filters TF w/automation

Durco Filters Tubular Backwash Filter Systems are designed for continuous operation with high flow rates in applications with low solids loadings (<200ppm typical) and easily filterered, granular solids.

Tubular backwash filters often replace bag and cartidge filters. These filters use permanent, self-cleaning media which eliminate the costs of disposable bags and cartridges. Fully automatic (optional) cleaning eliminates operator involvement and cost.

When continuous/uninterrupted flow is required, tubular backwashing filters allow full forward flow while cleaning.



Multiple Filter Manifold Design

Various Vessel Sizes

  • Provides constant flow rates to 5000 gpm or more
  • Compact footprint minimizes floor space
  • Allows for easy expansion

Internal/External Backwash

  • Internal Backwash - utilizes a small portion of filtered liquid for element cleaning
  • External Backwash - utilizes fluid other than filtered liquid for element cleaning.

Automatic/Manual Backwash Cleaning

  • Constant filtration even while cleaning
  • PLC controlled - no operator involvement
  • On-line maintenance is standard.

Wide Selection of Media

  • Handles a wide variety of solids with mesh, fabric or slotted wire elements available
  • Provides solids removal down to 1 micron
  • No tools required to service filter media

Fluorocarbon Lined Systems

  • Capable of handling virtually every known corrosive liquid
  • PLC controlled
  • No operator involvement

Durco Filters Tubular Backwash Filters are available in different configurations to match any flow rate or application need. There are three basic models:

TF Series - Stainless steel construction

PTF Series - PTE lined for corrosive applications

PVC Series - Full PVC construction for water or mildly aggresive fluids

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