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Each item in the lineup of Durco Filters products fits into a specific range of filtration applications based on the flow-rates and percentage of solids in the fluid stream.  The chart below will give you a good idea as to which product might be the best fit for your application.  If you are unsure of which product you are in need of, you can contact one of our Applications Engineers by calling +1.716.693.9381 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out one of our Filtration Fast Track Form, and we'll be glad to take a look at your requirements.

Product Selection Chart

Durco Filters EP Filter Press

Filter Presses

Durco Filters Filter Presses are designed for batch operations with liquid containing high solids concentrations. Typically, if it can be pumped, it can be filtered in a filter press.

Two design configurations are available. Sidebar-design EP Filter Presses are suitable for most applications. QP Filter Presses feature a four sidebar design for optimal plate access, added strength, and performance in demanding applications.

Pressure Leaf Horizontal Sluicing Open

Pressure Leaf Filters

Durco Filters Pressure Leaf Filters are designed for high flow rate applications with low solids loading (typically to 2%, but can go higher on easily filtered solids).

They are available in either wet cake (sluicing) or dry cake (vibrating) discharge models. Horizontal configurations maximize filtration area while vertical models minimize footprint. Full steam jackets are available for both models..

 Nutsche Manual  

Pressure Nutsches

Durco Filters Pressure Nutsches are horizontal leaf filters ideal for applications requiring recovery of the filter cake. They are designed to incorporate multiple processes within the vessel such as steaming, sparging, drying, or washing. A wide variety of solids loading and flow rates, including intermittent feeding, can be accommodated. Filter cakes can exceed several inches in thickness.

Great for Piloting & specialty applications

Manual or fully automated versions are available for custom process applications.

 Sludge Dryer

Enviro-Dri™ Sludge Dryers

Durco Filters Enviro-Dri™ Sludge Dryers are designed for drying sludge cakes to greatly reduce waste volume and weight. Drying is accomplished by low-pressure steam contained within a steam jacket to provide heat while the sludge cake mixes within the dryer.

To provide seamless integration and a small foot print, sludge dryers are typically used in conjunction with a Durco Filters press where the cake discharges directly onto the dryer.


Tubular Backwashing Filters

Durco Filters Tubular Backwashing Filters are designed for high flow rates and continuous operation in applications with low solids loadings (<220ppm for biological solids, upwards of 525ppm for granular).  All filters are available with manual or automatic controls and wide variety of filter material and retention options. Various models are available in a host of material options;

  • TF - Features stainless steel construction and provides constant flow rate for filtration applications. Compact footprint minimizes floor space
  • PTF - All wetted parts are fluorocarbon lined for outstanding resistance to chemical attack
  • PVC - Fabricated of PVC to provide a lower cost alternative for water and mildly aggressive filtration applications
 Custom Manufacturing

Custom Fabrication

Durco Filters solids separation equipment has been designed, assembled, and tested for over 130 years. At Ascension Industries, we pride ourselves in working to solve our customers' unique needs, no matter how big or small. Ascension Industries offers a full range of capabilities from design to turnkey manufacturing with extensive experience in skid-mounted process systems, machine assemblies, and more.

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