Water & Wastewater Treatment


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Filtering and Recycling Your Water

Durco Filters filtration systems are used worldwide in the most demanding water and wastewater applications. Our strength is in combining our innovative technology with over 130 years of industry experience to provide economical and effective filtration systems.

Helping ensure a healthy environment is a responsibility that all of us share. When you choose Durco Filters for your water or wastewater application, you are in good company.

Some of our Water/Wastewater Customers

Chemical Waste Mgmt
Eveready Battery
Ciba Geigy
General Electric
North American Water
General Motors
ICI America
Texas Instruments
Crystal Mtn. Water
Hewlett Packard
International Steel
U.S. Steel
Dow Chemical
Honda (USA)
Lockheed Martin
Veolia Water
Sludge Dryer - Used to reduce volume of generated waste sludge
Filter Press - For wast sludge de-watering
Pressure Leaf Filter - For water/wastewater
filtration & clarification
Waterfall TE3-Tubular-Filter-External
Tubular Backwash Filters - Used for applications including;
RO pre-filtration, nozzle protection and
cooling tower water filtration

Typical Applications in Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • Membrane system protection
  • Well, lake, and river water
  • Agricultural irrigation water
  • Industrial metal precipitates
  • Spray nozzle protection
  • Municipal water
  • Bearing and seal cooling water
  • White water - pulp mills
  • Cooling towers and hot/cold wells
  • Lamblia Giardia and Cryptosporidium Removal
  • Wet scrubber wastewater
  • Utility intake water
  • Sea water, desalination and brackish water
  • Produced and "frack" water treatment

Common Processes

Metallic Hydroxide/Sulfide/Carbonate Wastewater Process


Cooling Tower Protection:
Basin Cleaning

RO Prefiltration and CIP

basin-cleaning RO-protection
Pressure Leaf Filters
Sludge Dryers
Tubular Backwash Filters
Pressure Nutsche
Filter Presses