Durco Filters Pilot Scale Testing

P-350 EP470 Mobile Filter
QP-470 Pilot Filter
Pilot Sludge Dryer
P-241 Vertical PLF Pilot
P-257 Horizontal PLF Pilot

Sampling of Pilot Unts Available (Not Shown in Relative Scale)

For new or difficult applications, we can conduct Pilot-Scale Testing at your process plant site.  Our pilot filters can accurately simulate your process on a small scale, or even take a side stream. Your optimal solution can be determined and realistic cost projections can be developed. We have pilot filters of all our filter types and will be able to provide the right pilot to suit your needs. We also recommend securing on of our Field Service Technicians to accompany the pilot unit and assist with your pilot testing.

Units are typically rented for 4-weeks to allow plenty of time for setup, testing, analysis, results and cleanup.  If you have a need for a longer test period, our Pilot Program Manager will be happy to assist you.  Special long-term rental pricing may apply.

For Pilot-Scale Testing

Call +1.716.693.9381 extension 153
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P-202 Pressure Nutsche
P-203 Mobile Vertical PLF
 P-167 3-Tube External BW Pilot
P-167 3-Tube External BW Pilot
P-175 4-Tube External BW Pilot
P-175 4-Tube Pilot Filter 
P-199 3-Tube External BW
P-199 Enlarged 
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