EP Filter Press Options

Many options are available for EP Filter Presses to meet the requirements of any application.

EP Options Frame

Low Pressure or High Pressure Design

  • 100 PSI for most applications
  • 225 psi for difficult sludges where higher pressure increases cake dryness
EP Options Piping

Piping and Valves

  • Frontal piping and valves are available in a wide range of configurations and materials.
  • CPVC and stainless are most common
EP Options Hydraulics


  • Manual hydraulic closure systems are available when utilities are not available or for small and portable presses
  • Air Over Oil hydraulic system is standard for most presses Requires only air for utilities
  • Self compensating system maintains proper closure pressure
  • Electric Hydraulic Closure systems are available when higher pressures or other application factors need to be addressed
EP Options Shifter

Plate Shifters

  • Manual plate shifting is the most common method for small presses. The operator shifts one plate at a time to discharge the cake.
  • Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter uses a unique rod-style controller to shift the plates without direct manipulation by the operator.
EP Options Cake Chute

Cake Discharge and Disposal

  • Bomb-Bay Door Drip Trays Directs any wicking away from press When opened, function as cake chutes to direct the filter cake into the hopper
  • Filter Cake Chutes Keep operating environment clean by directing cake into the receptacle
EP Options Corrosive

Corrosive Service Package

  • Stainless Steel Cladding on all process contact mild steel components.
  • Stainless Steel or FRP control cabinets.
  • Stainless Steel Actuators on valves.
  • Teflon Lined Valves.
  • Custom epoxy or polyurethane paint.
EP Options Skid

Skids and Platforms

  • Durco Filters can provide complete skids and platforms. Filter presses are often raised to allow discharge directly into dumpsters, hoppers, or trucks.
  • Skids can include the press, all pumps, controls, valves, precoat/admix tanks, etc.


EP Options Automation


  • Full range of automation from fully manual to semi-automatic to automatic.
  • Allen Bradley Micrologics Controllers (Standard)
  • Pnuematic or Electric Actuators  on Valves
  • Local HMI Screens
  • DCS or Ethernet Ports
EP Options Spacer


  • Spacer pieces in the hydraulic ram allow more filter plates to be added in the future
  • Bolted side bars allow lengthening of entire press
EP Options Plates

Filter Plates

EP Options Cloths

Filter Cloths

  • Durco Filters provides the best cloth for each application.


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