Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Pressure Leaf Filters Vertical LeavesVertical Leaf arrangement in a Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

Durco Filters Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters are ideal for batch process applications requiring high flow rates with low solids removal in a small footprint. The vertical vessel orientation is used when space is restricted or when interruptable flow is expected. Our filters are custom built & optimized for each application, and are specifically engineeered to operate with the minimum amount of maintenance.

There are three basic vertical pressure leaf models:


Pressure Leaf Vertical DV

Dry Cake Discharge (Type DV)

  • Used when cake either needs to be recovered or when cake can be disposed of as a solid
  • Commonly uses a Quick Open Closure (QOC) on both top and bottom to facilitate cake discharge and filter leaf access


Pressure Leaf Filters Verticle Vessel

Wet Cake Discharge (Type V)

  • Used when cake can be disposed of as a liquid
  • Cake can be sent to filter press for dewatering
  • DuraSluiceTM sluicing system washes cake from leaves using a rotating spray header


Pressure Leaf Vertical VH

Horizontal Leaf (Type VH)

  • Used when flow is intermittant or interruptable
  • Cake is formed only on top surface of circular leaf
  • Gravity holds the cake in place during low or zero flow conditions
  • Cake is washed/sluiced from the leaves
  • A tailings leaf can be included in the bottom of the vessel



Design Features and Benefits

Pressure Leaf Vertical In Platform

Space Saving Design

  • Vertical vessel uses less floor space
  • Easily mounted in platform
  • Maximum filtration area

Permanent Filter Leaves

  • No replaceable media for lower operating costs
  • Metal screen or polypropylene plastic with cloth coverings and pre-coated to achieve sub-micron retention
  • Leaves attach to an outlet manifold with a gasket and O-ring ensuring no bypass

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