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Enviro-Dri™ Sludge Dryer:

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Parts & Service Brochures

If you need spares, replacement parts, or field service for your Durco Filters unit, these brochures will help you see how we can help you with genuine OEM parts & service for your unit.

Market Applications Brochures

Durco Filters has published the following market-specific brochures for engineering and planners.  These brochures illustrate where our filters fit in your process, and outline the benefits of specifying Durco Filters products.

Technical Applications Briefs

Durco Filters has published the following list of Case Studies and Application Briefings for Plant Managers and Process Engineers. These examples illustrate how our Industrial Filtration Engineers can help you design and install the optimum industrial filtration system in your specific process.

  • Amine Filtration - Tubular Filters & Pressure Leaf Filters For Amine Desulfurization Operations
  • Biofuel Processing - Dry Washing & Filtration Systems For Large-Scale Biodiesel / Biofuel Plant
  • Brine Polishing - Pressure Leaf Filters for Brine Polishing
  • Chlor-Alkali - Pressure Leaf Filters for ION Exchange protection
  • Mining - Mining Filtration Equipment For Gold Extraction & Recovery
  • Molten Sulfur - Pressure Leaf Filters For Molten Sulfur Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis - Tubular Filters eliminate disposable media for RO protection
  • Sugar/Sugar Beet - Filter Press Units & Pressure Leaf Filters For Sugar Beet Processing
  • Paint Sludge Dewatering - Filter Press Systems For Paint Sludge Dewatering
  • Paper Industry - Tubular Filters For Paper Mill White Water Polishing
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