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Durco Filters filtration systems are used worldwide in the most demanding chemical applications. Our strength is in combining our innovative technology with over 130 years of chemical industry experience to provide economical and effective filtration systems. Durco Filters systems have long enjoyed a place in the chemical process market. This sector is one of the largest in the world. When you choose us for your chemical process application, you are in good company.

Some of Our Chemical Filtration Customers

Huntsman Corp.
PPG Industries
Exxon Mobil
Johnson Matthey
Proctor & Gamble
Formosa Plastics
Mitsubishi Chemical
Rockwood Holdings
Dow Chemical


Chemical Filtration Applications

Durco Filters filters are used in many different chemical filtration applications including:

  • Aggressive acids, bases, and solvents
  • Agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
  • Alcohols and fabric coatings
  • Amines and glycols
  • Ammonia and detergents
  • Biofuels and vegetable oils
  • Brine and metal salts
  • Catalyst removal 
  • Clays and titanium dioxide
  • Fire chemicals
  • Fly ash scrubber sludge
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Inks, pigments and colors
  • Lubricants and unloading oils
  • Machining fluids
  • Organic chemicals: polyolefins, polyamids (nylon),
  • Paints and coatings
  • Photo processing chemicals
  • Propellant/explosives
  • PTMEG, POM, carbon fine removal, styrene
  • Resins, polymers and adhesives
  • Rubber and latex
  • Soaps and waxes
  • Tanker filling/filtration

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Tubular Backwashing Filter and Filter Press System in Automotive/Truck Facility


Chlor-Alkali and Molten Sulfur Experts

We work with hundreds of filtration applications. In the Chemical Processing Market we have developed an expertise in both Chlor-Alkalli and Molten Sulfur filtration. We have multiple solutions in each area. Please take a look at our Chlor-Alkali and Molten Sulfur application pages for more.

Chlor-Alkali Process / Chlorine-Caustic-Hydrogen

 Membrane Process


Diaphragm Process


 markets chemical membrane process


markets chemical diaphragm process

markets chemical Brine Polishing Filter

Brine Filtration for Chlorine Production Pressure Leaf System

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EP Filter Press for sludge dewatering


 Molten Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid Filtration


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  • Acid concentration
  • Amine gas
  • Claus process
  • Cleaning waste gases containing sulfur compounds
  • Final absorbing tower (FAT)
  • Metalic sulfates
  • Molten sulfur
  • Off-gas from sour water stripper
  • SNOX flue gas
  • Sulfide ores
  • Other sulfuric acid applications


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Durco Filters EP Filter Press for used in Organic Chemical Applications (i.e. PTMEG, POM and Other Chemical Applications)

Durco Filters Molten Sulfur Filter


Durco Filter Pressure Leaf Filter installation



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