QP Filter Press

QP Filter Press CladdingThe Durco Filters QP (Quadra Press) Filter Press is a heavy-duty, four bar filter press designed for heavy cakes, high operating pressures, or other demanding applications requiring a robust design. Cross dimensional stability and low profile design make the QP a versatile, heavy duty, precision work-horse. It is the top choice for mobile and permanently installed dewatering applications.It is widely used by the chemical process, mining, food processing, petroleum, and hazardous waste treatment industries.  Durco Filters was the first company to design and develop a heavy duty press to meet the demands of the Chemical & Mining industries.

The QP Filter Press is the most operator friendly press on the market today. With an emphasis on safety, the overhead plate-shifting design allows the operator free access to the plate stack. All moving parts such as the plate shifting mechanism are located above and out of the way of the operator and possible cake fouling. This allows safe accessibility for faster operation and ease of maintenance.

QP Design Features

QP Frame

Box Skeleton Frame

  • Maximum stability and strength
  • Light weight
  • Permits high performance filtration without bypass at higher operating pressures
  • Easy to use with discharge conveyors, chutes, and drip trays
QP Plate suspension

Overhead Plate Attachment and Shifting

  • Minimizes mechanism fouling or corrosion
  • Fully exposes filter plates for inspection and cloth replacement
  • Keeps operators away from shifting mechanism
  • Self aligning non-metallic rollers ensure plate stack alignment

QP Hydraulics

Self-Compensating Electro-Pneumatic Hydraulics

  • Hi-volume electric pump provides low pressure, rapid advance and retraction of the hydraulic ram
  • Lo-volume pneumatic pump provides high pressure sealing of the press after the hydraulic ram has pushed the plate stack to the closed position
  • Pressure relief valves automatically bleed off excess hydraulic fluid if the temperature changes expand the fluid or the filter plate stack
  • Energy efficient, stock replacement components
  • Efficient hydraulic system optimizes on-line availability (reduced downtime during press opening and closing)
  • Provides high pressure sealing of plate stack


QP Enclosed
Fully enclosed QP with Nitrogen purge for mineral spirits filtration
QP Raised
Raised QP allows discharge directly to trucks.
QP With Squeeze
QP with Membrane Squeeze and frontal piping
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