PTF Series Polymer Lined Tubular Backwash Filters

Durco Filters PTF-7 Inline Filter

Durco Filters Polymer Lined Tubular Filters provide extra protection for corrosive liquid filtering when extreme chemical resistance is required. These high flow rate continuous filtration systems can remove a wide range of particle sizes with automatic backwashing capability. All wetted parts are lined with Polymer.

Like the TF series, PTF Lined Tubular Backwash Filters are available in Single Tube (PTF-1), Double Tube (PTF-2), and Multiple Tube (PTF-X) configurations to match flow rate and application requirements.

Typical PTF Applications

Tubular Backwash PTF White
Polymer Lined Tubular Backwash Filter with Internal Backwash

  • Tank car loading & unloading
  • Chlorate production
  • Heat exchanger protection
  • Strong acid filtration & recovery
  • Filtration of pickling solutions
  • Strong alkali filtration & recovery
  • Filtration of aggressive solvents
  • Petrochemical industry processing
  • Brine polishing

PTF Design Features and Benefits

  • Multiple filter continuous filtration systems rated for use to 200°F (93°C) at 150 psi (1034 kPa)
  • system capacities to 1,110 gpm (250 m3/hr)
  • ANSI 150# carbon steel (with corrosion resistant exterior  coating), or optional Stainless Steel tubular filter housings, lined with Polymer for exteme corrosion  resistance
  • Reusable corrosion-resistant Polymer filter media eliminates cost & handling of disposable media and avoids operator involvement
  • contact with hazardous materials
  • Filter particulates to 1 micron
  • Polymer lined valves and manifolds for durability & reliability, with optional solid FRP manifolds
  • Fully automatic backwashing continuous filter systems enable operator-free filtration
  • Optional Stainless Steel air tubing and diaphragm protected instrumentation
Tubular Backwash PTF Back To Back
Polymer Lined Tubular Backwash Filter, Back to Back Configuration



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