Enviro-Dri™ Sludge Dryers

Sludge Dryer 

Durco Filters Enviro-Dri Sludge Dryers are designed for supplemental dewatering of filter cake (>25 wt% solids) up to 90%, greatly reducing waste volume and weight. Waste disposal costs can be reduced by 75%.

The Enviro-Dri Sludge Dryer is typically used in conjunction with a filter press where the filter press discharges its cake directly into the dryer. This integrated design provides a small footprint.

Low-pressure steam (25 psi) contained in a steam jacket provides heating energy while the sludge cake is mixed within the dryer. Manual or hydraulic operation is available for inlet and outlet doors.



  • Metal Hydroxides
  • Inorganic sludge cakes
  • Organic sludge cakes
  • Solvent Removal

Sludge Dryer Rotor
Enviro-Dri Sludge Dryer Rotor




Closed Drying Process

  • Continuous, homogeneous drying reduces volume, controls emissions, minimizes dusting and eliminates leaks or spills

Quicker Drying Cycle

  • Quicker drying cycles allow smaller models to handle larger press loads by using inexpensive hoppers

Indirect Heating

  • Low temperature heat transfer eliminates incineration and volatile problems
  • Single operation
  • All stages take place in the dryer

Low Pressure Steam Operation

  • Provides efficient heat source with uniform controlled temperature
  • Does not require boiler operator

ASME Code Jacket

  • ASME Code Stamped trough jacket provides efficient heat transfer service

Heavy-Duty Drive Assembly

  • Double helix, heavy-duty rotor and drive assembly
  • Includes adjustable and replaceable wiper blades

Dryer Sized To Filter Press

  • No intermediate material handling
  • Batch drying operation is independent from press operation

Sliding or Pneumatic Lift Hatch

  • Easy access to dryer rotor

Control Timer

  • Permits adjustable drying time

Modular Design

  • Easy to retrofit in place


Enviro-Dri™ Optional Equipment

  • Stainless Steel Trough & Rotor
  • Exhaust Fume Scrubber
  • Loading / Unloading Systems
  • Boiler Packages (when steam is unavailable)
  • Condensate return (improves system efficiency)


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